If I have a daughter…

If I have a daughter, I hope she understands that –
Caring too much and feeling too much is not a problem.
But when it begins to give pain I hope she will stop
I know how it feels to give your everything and receive nothing in return…
I am used to it, but I will never let her get to use to being second preference.

If I have a daughter, I will teach her to love her sun-kissed brown skin.
Because God loved her so much that he painted her in rays of golden brown.

If I have a daughter, I will teach her that, knowing your native language is not something to be ashamed of –
Because there is no greater form of expression in literature than your mother tongue.

If I have a daughter, I will not limit her to the scholarly literature that she will receive.
I will tell her of the great Warriors and Saints from our land.
I will tell her of the great poets and writers that belong to our Five Rivers.

If I have a daughter, I will tell her – do not be afraid to love.
Love can be risk but sometimes it is the greatest risk that you take in life.
But I will teach her never waste your precious time
On guys that are not your worth – because she worth more than diamonds to hear words of just another cliché.

And if I have daughter, I will tell her, pick up a pen
Pick up a paintbrush
Or something that gives you desire to live every day
To do something every day
Better and better
Till the form of expression becomes you itself.

But most importantly –
If I have a daughter, I will teach her to love herself.
Love her frame regardless of what she looks like
Not just because she is my daughter and to me she will be most beautiful being
But because every girl from a young age deserves to know that.

And I will teach my daughter her words have the power to change the turn of the universe…

❋ ❋ ❋ ❋


I wrote this poem a while back when I was thinking “If I had a daughter” – what would I tell her, what would I say to her. Coming from a Panjabi, Sikh family I am quite lucky that my parents brought me up with equality. In many Panjabi families having a daughter is not liked some believe she is bad luck and because she will not carry the family name she shouldn’t even be born. Panjab has one of the highest number of female female foeticide. It is sad to think this, it is horrible. I believe girls – women have the power to do so much. But many have their wings clipped before they are even born – many aren’t allowed to fly and many are just caged away. It is truly sad. My culture often degrades women while Sikhi empowers and uplifts women – the two clash and often is misunderstood. I hope one day this society will change. I hope the birth a girl will be just as important as a boy.