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Mirza Sahiba was first penned by 17-Century poet Peelu, who recorded an oral legend that had been passed down for generations. But what was hidden between the lines of poetry and history. Sahiba loved Mirza deeply but remained to be known as a betrayer forever.

Every writer and poet, wrote she was a betrayer but no one tired to understand her. What her view was. Nothing is even told what happens to her after Mirzas death.

The story of Mirza Sahiba is one of the four love stories of Punjab along with; Heer-Ranjha, Sonhi-Mahiwaal and Sassi-Punnun. It is the last love tale of Panjab.
Mirza Sahiba is the only one, where the name of the male lover is first unlike the other three love tales.
As the tale progresses disputes against their love occur. Mirza is busy with her sisters wedding and Sahiba is about to marry someone else. Mirza takes Sahiba away. And fearful for her brothers’ lives, Sahiban got rid of Mirza’s bow and arrows. Sahiba knew Mirza would win against her brothers. Sahibas brothers kill Mirza. Peelu doesn’t mention what happens to her; some sources say she killed herself after realizing she was the cause of Mirza’s death, while others say her brothers strangled her for dishonoring them.
Sahiba who is constantly brought down in song lyrics, poetry and movies. Was a girl who just wanted to be understood by both her brothers and lover. Neither of them understood what she wanted. And it is often said may no one have a daugher like Sahiba. The way Peelu wrote about her determined her fate forever in pages of history.