Lost Somewhere – poem.

panjab book cover

Lost somewhere she is
somewhere before 1966
somewhere before 1947
lost somewhere, maybe between 1799-1849
during her rise

Lost somewhere before –
Bulleh Shah’s kalam
Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s kitaab
Amrita Pritam’s words
before Waris Shah’s Heer
lost somewhere maybe between –
the sweet raags and poetry of the 15th century

She’s lost somewhere –
maybe at the shore of Chenab
maybe at Takhat Hazara
maybe at Jhang
or maybe, between the valley of mountains

She’s lost somewhere –
in pages of history
in pages of literature
in pages of poetry…
and her voice is
lost, lost and lost

Maybe she’s somewhere, watching warriors
or somewhere, listening to saints
maybe she’s lost somewhere, in the horizon of mustard fields

Maybe she’s lost somewhere –
where her five rivers where once together
before her sixth river of blood emerged…

Maybe she’s lost between, the borders of Amritsar and Lahore
or lost maybe between, Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur
lost between, Shahmukhi and Gurmukhi maybe

Can someone find her?
does anyone know where she is?
can someone please find my Panjab?
before she gets lost and lost, into pages of history
before this poison of drugs fills her every corner

Can someone please find my Panjab…?
her land that started the academics
with the world’s first book – The Rig Veda
today is losing its literature…
please find my Panjab

Bring back my beloved land of warriors, saints, lovers and poets

Colonists and governments may have divided her
but her soul remains one
undivided –
borders and distance mean nothing when the soul is one

I might be away from my Panjab
but –
Panjab is within my heart
and within my soul…

– Rupinder Kaur.


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