Sada chidiyan da chamba – Our temporary nest of birds

Sada chidiyan da chamba- Our temporary nest of birds, is a project that aims explore the female narrative of Panjabi wedding folk songs in Panjab and the diaspora over the past years with a focus on Birmingham and The Black Country. Research will be done through oral history, wedding archives from photographs and items.

Sada chidiyan da chamba ve babla
Asan ud jana, asan ud jana

This was our temporary nest of birds,
O father Tomorrow I will fly, I will fly…

What unites Panjabis across the world is the language itself along with its traditional folk songs. Panjabi Wedding folk songs are an element of the different types of the various different Panjabi folk songs.

Balbir Kaur on her Wedding day, July 1995

Wedding folk songs from Suhag, Sitniyan, Tappe, Mahiye and Ghoriyan are the artistic expressions of Panjabi women. Suhag in particular is the direct female perspective of brides. They have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation as outlets containing the feelings, sentiments, emotions and desires of Panjabi women.

Throughout the project there will also be creative writing workshops held with women of all ages, to explore and write responses and even to rewrite the folk songs. The workshops will be held in November in Birmingham and Wolverhampton along with a Giddha workshop.

If you have any favourite wedding folk songs, or have wedding stories, photographs and items that you would like to share and contribute towards this project please get in contact with myself –

With all research collated there is an aim of an exhibition in Spring/Summer 2020.

This project is being kindly supported by Creative Black Country Open Access Seed Award and is being co-produced by Professor Rajinder Dudrah’s research at Slanguages, Creative Multingualism (Oxford University) and Birmingham City University.

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