Wagah Border…

Wagah de border te raah puchdi Lahore’an de haye… 

15th August 1947
While India was celebrating
Panjab was crying
Crying tears of blood

Ravi was separated from her sister Chenab
And the river of love became filled with blood

The land that once co-existed with all faiths
Today was fighting
Hindu here
Sikh here
Musalman there
No one thought about my PanjabA line was drawn
And that was it
No one thought about the consequences
The mass migration
The killings
The rapes
The women abducted
The families separated
The houses destroyedMy Lahore
My Nankana
Was separated from me
70 years on
I still hear the cries of my people Panjab was torn apart into two pieces
But – where am I to exist
When I exist in a united Panjab
A Panjab without Wagah Border
A Panjab where it’s five rivers flow together




Where am I to exist
Where am I to exist…


(photography and poetry – Rupinder Kaur)