Rupinder is a Birmingham Panjabi poet, performer, workshop facilitator and creative curator. Her debut poetry book Rooh (2018) was published with Verve Poetry Press. She has also been featured in SPAKE Dialect and Voices from the West Midlands (2019) edited by Urszula Clark and Jonathan Davidson published by Ninearches press. Rupinder’s work explores language, culture, identity, history – often exploring gender narratives. She has featured at nights and festivals across the UK. Rupinder is the founder of Azaad arts which is a new art organisation which aims to explore traditional and contemporary arts within South Asia and Diaspora. Rupinder is working on a project called Sada Chidiyan da chamba (our temporary nest of birds) – Exploring Panjabi Wedding folk songs through the female narrative. She has been awarded a DYCP grant from the Arts Council to work on her next poetry collection and is currently a BBC new creative.

Blogs at – https://medium.com/@rupinderkw__


To contact Rupinder email – rupinderkw@hotmail.com