Jugni – The female Firefly

Jugni – The Female Firefly commissioned by Slanguages.  Jugni is a story about the Black and Asian female journey through time. Jugni embarks upon inter-generational and multilingual conversations uncovering her lost voices in history. Inspiration for this play is drawn from the modern-day experiences and observations of Ashlee, Rupinder and Raveeta. This three-woman performance explores themes of colonial history, race and migration through spoken word poetry and song.‘ Jugni’ translates as ‘female firefly’ in the Panjabi language, and the play (Jugni) illustrates and explores the various embodiments of fire in the lives of Black and Asian women.

Jugni went on to become an intergenerational conversation on stage between the Black and Asian female sharing their experiences. Navigating through difficult history, questioning and honouring history through artistry is the backbone of what Jugni became. Bringing together this divine female energy throughout is what made Jugni soulful. Jugni has its own wings and will continue to fly, reaching anyone in search of uncovered histories.

Like Always – Kali Theatre

Rupinder was selected as one of the 12 writers to be part of Kali Theatres Discovery Program 2021-2022. Her short play Like Always delves deep into dreams and aspirations while exploring the sacred bond between a sister & her brother who lives with autism.